Natural Extracts

Essential oils, absolutes and extracts obtained from specially selected raw materials. We offer a selection of italian products and products with PDO.   

essential oils

Obtained by steam distillation, essential oils represent the aromatic essence of nature.  We selected more then 500 essential oils, including 100% italian products and products with PDO.  Our essential oils are 100% pure, food grade when possible, and can be used in aromatherapy according to instructions.  


Absolutes are obtained by solvent extraction from concretes. This method enable to extract the aromatic compounds at relatively low temperature, avoiding the high temperature involved in steam distillation that  may damage the molecules.   Extremely important in fragrance compounds. 

co2 extracts

The supercritical CO2 extraction enables the production of extracts with a high content of aromatic compounds, from materials for which steam distillation may be very difficult to use. This method involves relatively low temperature and has a lower environmental impact.  

Natural extracts for use in food

Food grade essential oils and extracts from herbs, including officinal herbs, spices, flowers and citruses. A special selection of italian products.

Let the essence of nature enter your products!  


High quality food grade essential oils from herbs. A special selection of Italian and Mediterranean products. 


Essential oils and CO2 extracts from spices. A special selection of essential oils from rare spices. 


Food grade essential oils from flowers,  with their signature scent. Camomilla, lavander, neroli, rose...


Food grade essential oils from citruses, 100% pure. A special selection produced in Italy.