Our services


At Alchemia Essenze we believe that perfumes and fragrances are amazing products of human creativity. For this reason, our perfumer designs and creates each fragrance and analyzes the olfactory profile of our raw materials. 


Our aim is to merge our passion and know-how in perfumery design with an innovative creation process. For this reason, we developed the ScentEncoder technology. ScentEncoder is a system that enables to encode scents and fragrances in databases, using olfactory dictionaries, and to match the olfactory profile of the raw materials to their chemical composition, in order to allow for structured data analysis. 


Some applications:

  • fragrance framing, with relation to existing fragrances and scents
  • optimal compound design, in order to produce a given olfactory output
  • study of a given headspace, for a given input of raw materials 
  • design and analysis of essences and fragrances, in order to reduce side effects, by the integration of IFRA standards 
  • design and analysis of fragrances, in order to minimize environmental impact 

Our services include:  

  • design and production of essences and compounds
  • design and production of finite products  for your company 
  • olfactory analysis 
  • market analysis
  • olfactory and scent marketing  and consultancy

For more details contact us at alchemia@alchemiaessenze.it.