Petigrain Neroli Orange Blossoms


The tree of Bitter orange yields three important extracts for perfumery and aromatherapy.  The essential oil of petit grain bigarade  is extracted from the branches and leaves, the essential oil of neroli and the absolute of orange blossoms from the flowers. 


The kit consists of 10 gr of essential oil of petit grain bigarade, 5 gr of essential oil of neroli, 5 ml of absolute of orange blossoms. 


Bothanical name : Citrus aurantium var. amara

Petigrain bigarade EO origine: Paraguay

Neroli OE  origine: Marocco

Fleurs d'oranger origine: Marocco


Note: Content of benzyl cyanide in the absolute of orange flossom max 1% . Do not burn. Please read carefully technical sheets.   IFRA regulamentation set the limit for maximum content of benzyl cyanide  in the finite product to  100 ppm.   


Petig Grain Neroli Orange Blossom kit

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